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Locking Timelines (second edition) - Woo For Thought - Episode 8

This is the second edition of "Locking Timelines". The first edition is here.Many of us here know when something is amiss with our reality. Many knew from the get go, ...

Manipulations of the Mind - WooForThought - Episode 7

Read the articleEmpowerment is the stepping away from the manipulation of the mind.Topics in this episode: Manipulative ads - do they affect us? The disturbing scenes ...

Fairies, Elves and Nature Spirits - WooForThought - Episode 6

Go to part two. An exploration and classification of FairyfolkTopics we cover: Seeing gnomes and fairies,  The Shungite medallion - moved without Inelia's awareness  I...

Success - WooForThought - Epiosde 5

In this episode:It’s important for lightworkers to succeed!definitions: success and enlightenmentdifficult to communicate effectively — to people in a regular life?! o...

Spaceships - WooForThought - Episode 4

Discussion on the WooForThought essay with the same name:

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